Monday, March 23, 2009

I FOCUS on work on hand

I FOCUS on work on hand
This is going to be my mantra card for this week.

With the different roles we play in life 
we are overwhelmed with the varoious duties we have to perform.
The way to accomplish all with ease is to focus on the work you are doing-


You will always find time to do what is important.
Time management and planning ahead will help you to focus without worry.
Take time to reflect on your day and life
 to prioritise your work and to create a great life.
This week also i have created a mandala.
The idea just flowed and I drew it in photoshop. 
souljournal has created this magic in me to draw mandalas !
HAve a great week!


  1. I love both the artwork and your message. I'm always planning as there is so much I want to do. Thank you for playing! I'll add you to the blog roll and contest.

  2. This is a great image and philosophy. I'm working on it. When I don't focus on the work at hand, I get so anxious.

  3. This is beautiful. I agree with your every word.

  4. awesomely amazing affirmation and card sema!!! i LOVE the hand and eye to represent focus. and your color combo is striking! and your words are so true... sometimes we try to do too much and lose our enthusiasm for it all.

    thank YOU for participating in mantra mondays!!! i just love love love seeing your weekly affirmations and creations!!!

    peace and love to you sema!!!

  5. Handiwork, yes indeed. Great image!

  6. what a great card. love it!!

  7. wonderful work...I love your colors, patterns, the "inner eye"...

  8. Wow, this is a beautiful card, and very inspiring.


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