Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I believe...

We are faced with many choices during the course of our day and
 our decisions  and reactions determine the outcome of our day.

   "I believe I will make the right decisions "

for a happy,exciting,prosperous,wonderful and fantastic day!
 This belief will help me create the kind of day I want.
This card is to reinforce my mantra for this week--

"I choose to create a fabulous day ".

This is my card for createdbyhandchallenge to use the word 'believe' and also for crazyamigochallenge to use spin and splashes in the background .


  1. beautiful card!!! love the saying!!!

  2. I love this one. Great mantra to keep in mind!

  3. Very appropriate for what I am going through right now. Love it and the conviction with which it is stated.


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