Saturday, February 28, 2009

Send Love

Who do you wish to send some love?

This is this week's wishcasting wednesday Prompt.

I would love to send love to all my blog friends who have taken time to give encouraging comments at motivart and affirmart.Blogging has been a wonderful experience and has helped me grow as a person .

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary and i would love to send my love to my dear husband.I am lucky to have an understanding and encouraging  husband. I wish him all success for his  new business venture.

I would also love to send my love to my father who is recovering from hip surgery and chest infection.2 months in hospital has made him weak and i wish him a speedy recovery.

My love goes to my children ,family and friends too! I wish all health and happiness.

My love and best wishes to each one of you who is reading this post.

Life is great and let there be joy always !


  1. What a lovely blog, I'm so glad I found you here.

    As Sema wishes, so I wish as well.

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! That's quite an accomplishment, really. (We have one tiny year more than you at 23, and I know the hard work it requires at times, to get to all the good parts!)

    Best to your dad as well.

    Joy always!

  2. as Sema wishes, I wish also.

    I love your template, Sema!

  3. As Sema wishes for herself, so I wish for her.

    love to you!


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